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Welcome to Fuengirola Villas

Fuengirola is a town located on the Costa del Sol. Once home to a medieval fortress, Fuengirola is now a premier tourist hotspot grown from a traditional Spanish fishing village. Fuengirola is conveniently located close to Malaga Airport and its location along the Costa del Sol offers plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding region.

Fuengirola, like several other nearby towns, has its own marina, surrounded by a range of shops, bars and restaurants. Fuengirola also has sports clubs and a zoo to enjoy when visitors are not enjoying the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.

The Fuengirola Zoo is a fantastic place to visit for all the family, offering a chance to see many animal favourites including Tigers, Gorillas, Lemurs, Leopards and several reptiles and birds. The Zoo is broken down into three recreated environments, helping visitors to feel they are observing the animals in as natural a situation as possible.

Fuengirola is also close to a waterpark in Mijas. The park offers a wave pool, and Jacuzzis as well as a range of water slides the whole family can enjoy. The Castle in Fuengirola is also well worth a visit.

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